Thursday, May 27, 2010

Extreme Pool Cleaning - Drain & Wash in Gilbert, Arizona

When a pool has been green for a long time - more than 6 months - the interior is coated with a green algae slime that is often crusted onto the pool interior. To remove it, you can complete a pressure wash, acid wash, or chlorine bath. In most cases, an initial pressure wash removes most of the algae slime. I'm posting photos of a recent job showing an interior pressure wash and the results.

Pool is drained... and stained.


The spa is pretty dirty too!


Beginning to pressure wash.


And more washing...


And still more pressure washing...inch by inch. This job took us about three hours.


Finally clean!


Crystal clear again!


Here's the final picture!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Acid Wash in Tempe, Arizona

Acid washing a pool is a procedure to apply a diluted acid mixture to pool plaster striping away dirty and stained plaster. Because the process removes a layer of the plaster it isn't something that should be done every year but rather two to three times during the normal life of the plaster which is typically about 15 years.

Pool is drained here and ready to be cleaned.

Note the staining on the walls...

Touching up some spots with a fine grit sand paper.

Steps Before Acid Wash

And after the acid wash

Nice and clean!

Pool is filling again

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pool Service in Mesa - Pool Tile Cleaning & Pressure Wash

This job was interesting due to the extreme nature of the algae coating the pool interior - some of it was almost black. The interior pressure wash really took some time and we had to go over each inch of the interior.

Swimming Pool is Completely Green - Almost Black... 

 Pool Has Been Drained...

Having Some Fun While Pressure Washing Interior of Pool

 Interior Pressure Wash is Complete!

Waterline cleaning is almost done expect for this last patch in the middle...

Almost Done...

Job Complete & Pool is Filling!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning in Queen Creek

This tile cleaning job by Pool Service Queen Creek was completed in about two hours. It was a tough job only because our clients didn't want to replace the pool water. This isn't a problem with the process we use to clean pool tiles as we use a mildly abrasive water blasting stream to clean calcium and scum off pool tiles. 

The media we use is water-soluble and pH neutral so the cleanup takes about an hour once the process is complete. However, our process requires someone to physically get into the swimming pool to operate the pressure washer. And the water temperature is about 60 degrees right now. I only have before and after pictures of this job as I completed it by myself.

Before Picture of Steps - Viewed from the back of the pool.


After of the Steps - Viewed from the West Side


Baja Seat - Before 


Baja Seat - After

All Done - Pool Looks Great!