Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Queen Creek Pool Service - Complete Pool ReHab

This pool cleanup was a complete pool rehab job in Queen Creek, Arizona performed by our Pool Service Queen Creek division. We drained the pool, mucked out all the nasty stuff, pressure washed the pool's interior, cleaned the pool tile with our mild abrasive water blasting method, filled the pool, repaired the pool equipment, and completed the start up procedures! The work took two days with a day in between to fill the pool.

This is an all tile pool so the end result is spectacular!

Initial Pool Photo - Pool is Green!

Initial Photo from the other side!

We Drained the Pool!

 Calcium Line on Tile

Pool Tile Cleaned

Pressure Washing Interior of Pool

Interior Pressure Washing Complete

Pool Cleaning Complete

All Done!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Green Pool - Pool Drain in San Tan Valley, Arizona

As you've probably surmised by our recent posts, we clean out a lot of green pools! This job included a drain and interior pressure wash. No pictures of the pool prior to the drain, but it was in pretty bad shape... This was a one man job so no action shots.

 After the drain


Starting the cleanup process.


 Halfway done - steps and one side have been washed down.


 Almost done and we're starting to refill the pool.


Job Complete - Pool is Filled and Looking Good!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pool Tile Cleaning in San Tan Valley

Our latest job was a green pool cleanup and pool tile cleaning in San Tan Valley. We also replaced the filter cartridges and pressure washed the interior for a fresh start.

Green pool before cleaning.


Pool tile with calcium line.


Dirty filter cartridges.


New replacement cartridges installed.


Cleaning tile


Half clean / half dirty


All clean now!


Pressure washing interior to remove algae staining.


Pool is clean!


Almost full...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pool Service in Queen Creek - Pool Tile Cleaning & Acid Wash

This job included demo/deconstruction work of a temporary wooden pool cover, interior pressure wash, pool tile cleaning, acid wash, fill, and start up. We completed the job in stages over several days so our photos reflect different lighting, etc.

Here's Our Starting Point

Cover Was Removed... Starting to Drain Pool

Drained and Mucked Out


Pool Tile Cleaning In Progress

 Tile Has Been Cleaned & Acid Wash Complete

Filled and Clean!