Friday, March 26, 2010

Pool Cleaning in Casa Grande

We complete about 200 pool rehabilitation projects each year. Most projects take somewhere between 1 day and a week. We do as much as possible within a tight budget to clean and shine up the pool without actually going into the realm of remodeling.

This job is fairly typical including the deconstruction of a temporary cover, pool drain, pool tile/waterline cleaning, interior pressure wash, fill, and startup. Here are the photos ~

Swimming Pool Is Covered in Temporary Wooden Shell & the Horror Beneath is Unknown...

Temporary Pool Cover Has Been Partially Removed and We're Draining Pool!

Initial Drain is Complete

Grotto Before Cleaning...

Grotto Rock Clean!

Tile with Calcium Line

Tile Clean Complete

Almost Done - Starting to Refill Pool

Clean & Pretty!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pool Tile Cleaning & Acid Wash in Tempe, Arizona

Brad with Maple Leaf Pool Service performed this waterline cleaning and acid wash in Tempe, Arizona. I tagged along and took photos. This job included a pool drain, waterline cleaning, filter cleaning, acid wash, and a small crack seal. I only took photos of the tile/waterline cleaning but it shows a nice improvement.

After the pool drain Brad is starting on the tile cleaning.

There was a previous ghost line under the current calcium line which neither Brad nor I could identify or remove - but Brad got all of the current scum off.

Here's a picture of the waterline on the pebble.

And what it looks like after cleaning!

 You can find Maple Leaf Pool Service online at their website

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pool Cleaning in Mesa

This job included a drain, muck out, debris removal, scrub down of the walls, refill, and start up. Start to finish was four days including the fill.

Another green pool in Mesa, Arizona.

Pool is draining as we removed debris, muck out the algae and scrub down the interior.

 After the pool interior was mucked out and scrubbed down!

 All clean again!

Thank you to Tim Janofa of Pengwin Maintenance Service who contracted us for this pool cleaning!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Time Pool Cleanup in Queen Creek

We're often called to perform a One Time Cleanup which usually includes vacuuming, removing debris, re-balancing the chemicals, and shocking the pool. This week our Queen Creek Pool Services division completed four or five one time cleanups so I captured photos of a typical one time pool service. Thank you to Brad Filgas of Maple Leaf Pool Service who assisted me in this cleanup!

Swimming Pool - Before Service
This is a plaster pool but it is so dirty it looks like a pebble interior in this photo!

Starting to Vacuum

More Vacuuming - you can start to see the plaster shine through....

Here's a photo of Brad from Maple Leaf Pool Service vacuuming.

More Vacuuming

Brad - Adding Liquid Chlorine to Shock the Pool

All Done